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VentureAce - Professional Poker Player

Under the Gun - UTG

The phrase under the gun refers to a starting position and sequence of betting in a poker game. Under the gun, written shorthanded as UTG, is tagged to the person who is first to act after the blinds and antes have been posted. In Texas Hold'em tournaments, under the gun is the person, first to act, on the left of the big blind.

Under the gun is one of the worst and most vunerable positions in a poker game, because all other players have to act after the player UTG. The UTG player will most likely be out of position for the rest of the hand, unless the one of the blinds calls. Players who raise under the gun are generally considered to be holding very strong starting hands.

In recent years, many poker players have adopted to limping under the gun with pocket Aces in order to conceal the strength of their hand.